Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows

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401 N 3rd St.
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Minneapolis, MN 55401

Affordable and easy to install, Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows will transform a standard screen porch, that you may get 100 days a year of use, into a 3 ½ season room, that you will be able to enjoy over 300 days a year. Our lightweight but heavy duty Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows are uniquely designed and custom-sized to fit existing openings without expensive re-framing — making it easy to enclose your outdoor spaces. Versatile, rugged, and attractive, they’re also a snap to operate. Open, they let the breeze in. Closed, they provide protection for rain, snow, wind, dust and the summer sun. Your porch will become an extension of your home or cabin that can be occupied year-round. Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows can ship your new windows directly to your home within 3-4 weeks — delivered and ready to be installed.